Needle Scalers In Surface Preparation

A needle scaler has a wide array of applications in different fields. They are efficient in cleaning surfaces in preparation of repainting. It is the preferred tool for hard to access areas and in case you are working in a tight space. Irregular surfaces are worked on by the needle scaler to achieve a keyed surface. Dampening technology has been used to improve the efficiency of this equipment. You can use this equipment for chipping as well as brick racking. Make sure to purchase equipment that meets industry standards.

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Why do You Need a Needle Scaler

High-quality equipment that has been ergonomically designed will deliver high performances and efficiency. These equipment are easy to handle and are low maintenance. Purchase low maintenance equipment that guarantees your safety during operation. These equipments are usually light-weight, and they come with an attached dust shroud for dust control. Their low vibration working ensures that you don't get injured as you work. Purchase equipment that allows you to change tooling options. You can use this equipment to clean surfaces by;

- Splitting

- Chipping

- Pointing

- Brick racking

Many irregular surfaces need attention before work is done on them. Before applying fresh paint, it is important to remove rust from the surface of metals. Surface preparation is usually aimed at achieving keyed surfaces. There are demanding applications that require dampening technology and non-spark features which also ensures operator comfort. The following are some areas where these equipment are used;

- Oil platforms

- Storage Tanks

- Bridge structures

- Ship Decks

- Car bodies

Benefits of needle scalers

With a piston holding a stack of needles that individually work on irregular surfaces, you are assured of a fast working machine that saves you time. These equipment are suitable for brittle as well as loose surface debris. Professionals benefit a lot from this equipment as they are efficient and fast. There are specifications in the design that ensures these tools are safe to use even in hazardous environments.

Many projects in auto shops involved removal or accumulated debris and dried up mud from car bodies. When a mechanic has to repaint a vehicle, it is important that the car body be well cleaned for an effective painting job. This equipment delivers maximum performance on the peeling action of old paint. You can also remove old paint from ships as well as bridges without structure deterioration.


The supplied compressed air in needle scalers ensures rapid removal of surface debris and corrosion. Plant workers and mechanics save time with this fast working equipment.